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Water Meters

Screwed Water Meters


Brass Water Meters
CI Flanged Water Meters

D&D Valve & Industrial Supplies offers a varied range of high-quality industrial water meters that are built for reliability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

We provide solutions that fit several applications, capacities and needs, to ensure that each of our clients can improve in all areas of their operations.

Our industrial water meters include offerings on screwed water meters, brass water meters, and CI flanged water meters for evaporative cooling.

Our Industrial Water Meters
We have been providing a range of industries with specialised industrial water meters for years, and as such, have been able to provide our clients with top-quality solutions. These include screwed water meters for use with sanitary water in a non-continuous flow, brass water meters for use in commercial or agricultural applications, and CI flanged water meters.

Why D&D Valve & Engineering Supplies
For over 35 years we have been industry leading suppliers of pumping solutions for several specialised industries, including mining facilities.

With a turn-key approach to a board of applications, our experience and knowledge mark us as an excellent source for engineering supplies and technical advice.

More from D&D Valve & Engineering Supplies
D&D Valve & Engineering Supplies offers a range of products and services for pumping solutions. Aside from our industrial water meters, we also provide a massive range of valves, pipes, pipe fittings and gaskets, to name a few.

On top of that we also offer a range of tools, power tools, threading machines and welding accessories.

Contact Us for Details
As a one-stop engineering supplies store, we stock and supply everything your facility needs to ensure the accuracy, performance and efficiency of its pumping systems, regardless of the applications and challenges faced by your facility.

If you would like to know more about our offers on industrial water meters be sure to get into contact with a representative from D&D Valve & Engineering Supplies today, or feel free to continue browsing through our website for details on our other offers.