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Sight glasses, or flow indicators, are used as windows into pipelines. This enables a user to see if flow is taking place, as well as noting the colour and condition of the flow, without disrupting the internal environment.

Sight glasses need to be able to withstand the fluids it will come into contact with to prevent the glass from tarnishing or degrading.

Boiler Level Indicators are particularly useful to see any changes in a steam boiler’s water level to prevent over filling the boiler or risking a shut down from not enough water.

D&D Valve & Engineering Supplies offers a comprehensive range of sight glasses, including:

• Bronze/brass/stainless steel screwed sight glasses
• Single-view, or double-view, screwed/flanged sight glasses

Contact us today for more information on sight glasses. Our expert team will be able to provide you with the necessary knowledge for industry success.

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