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What Are Flanges?

What Are Flanges?

Flanges are commonly used for connecting and joining piping, pumps, valves and other miscellaneous things in a piping system. They are necessary and important parts of creating complex and custom piping systems. These piping systems can be used for transporting liquid and gas.  Flanges are used to keep valves and gaskets in place throughout the piping system, and they are able to take great amounts of pressure. The type of flange that is used is dependent on the placement and strength needed in certain areas of the piping system.

The Types of Flanges

There are roughly around sixteen types of flanges; however, some are more commonly used in projects than others. There are about six common flanges; however, flanges are also made according to custom specifications. The common flange types include: welding neck flange, slip on flange, socket weld flange, lap joint flange, blind flange and thread flange. These flanges each have a specific use within the piping system. Each flange offers its own shape and that allows for different movements and abilities to hold pressure.

The First Three Flanges

The welding neck flange has a protruding neck that allows for it to be welded onto the piping. This flange is best used for high pressure connections to alleviate the pressure build up in the pipe. The slip on flange requires that the pipe welding gets done before adding the flange because it will damage the it, then the flange is able to slip on. This flange is used to avoid any leaks and spills in the piping system. The socket weld flange is similar to a slip on flange, it is used for smaller pipes and it is great for removing the stress and pressure in the pipe.

The Last Three Flanges

The lap joint flange is used with the lap joint stud. This flange does not have any pressure withstanding abilities; however, it is great part for easy movement and dismantling if it is and as it is required. The blind flange is used to seal off the end of the pipe, a pressure vessel or a valve. This flange is able to handle high pressures and high heats. The thread flange is best suited for pressure applications in piping systems and they are able to be attached to a pipe without welding it on.

Getting Flanges

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